How to book

Routes from Chisinau to Europe

  • 1. Select the starting point
  • 2. Select the arrival point
  • 3. Select date of departure
  • 4. Select retur date (optional)
  • 5. Select the number of passengers
  • 6. Search for the routes
  • 7. The date of departure is displayed
  • 8. Select one of the available routes to depart
  • 9. The return date is displayed
  • 10. Select one of the available routes to return
  • 11. Click to confirm the selection
  • 12. Enter passenger contact information
  • 13. Click to Buy (Cumpara bilet) or Book (Rezerva loc)
  • 14. After choosing to buy the ticket, the purchase option will appear for 15 minutes. The travel ticket and confirmation of payment will be sent to the email address listed above
  • 15. If you have chosen to book then you will receive confirmation of your reservation by email. Payment will be made on board the bus.