Routes from Chisinau to Europe

Trips and buses

What do I need for a boarding:
For boarding the bus, you need to have a passport and a printed ticket. The data in the passenger’s passport and his ticket must be the same. In the absence of one of the listed conditions or the presence of another identity document, we are not able to guarantee the passenger boarding the bus, and transport company has the right to refuse the passenger in boarding.

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance
Usually Alverstur open the sale on regular routes a month ahead and you can pre-purchase a ticket for the desired route.

Bus route and stops
In the schedule and bus route information there is a detailed route and points of stops.
Please note that only the Alverstur can regulate the route, and only he determines the possibility of disembarking and landing outside the specified points of the route.
Additional questions about the stops or the route refinement can be obtained from the Alverstur’s contact number indicated on the ticket.

When does the boarding start
Read the information on the ticket carefully. Sometimes Alverstur specifies the required arrival time for check in. In other cases, we recommend to arrive at least an hour before departure.

Time of departure and arrival
The ticket always indicates the local time of your location point. For example, if you have a ticket for a Chisinau – Milano route, the departure will be due to Chisinau time and your arrival will be according to the time in Milano. We highly recommend you to pay attention to the difference in time zones if you are planning a connecting route.

Baggage Allowance
Please note that Alverstur has the right to refuse the passenger of the bus to carry hand baggage or baggage if this baggage blocks the passage of the vehicle to other passengers, or does not correspond to the number and size. Information about the conditions of baggage on specific routes, you can always check with Alverstur. Please contact Alverstur before purchasing the ticket, or call the number listed on your ticket.

How to calculate the travel time and time of arrival
The average travel time, information about stops and the expected time of arrival at the final point of the route are displayed on our website in the bus route schedule and are always specified in the tickets.
Unfortunately, there are cases of unforeseen delay in arrival of the bus in connection with the situation on the road, the crossing of state borders or technical problems that can not be foreseen, that is why we strongly recommend that extra time be put on the trip and do not plan transfer or changing mode of transport less than 2 hours for domestic routes and less than 8 hours for international travelling.

Traveling with animals
While planning a trip with an animal, we strongly advise you to prepare in advance a veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations, an animal health certificate, a carrying bag or cage with a deaf bottom, as well as to ensure the availability of clean drinking water.
Alverstur has the right to regulate the rules for transporting animals on the buses of our routes, so it is necessary to clarify this information individually. Please contact our support team before purchasing the ticket, or call the number listed on your ticket.