6th travel is free with Alverstur!

Routes from Chisinau to Europe

From 01.01.2017, we introduce “6th free travel with Alverstur at 10:00 and 20:00!” offer, which means:

  • A 100% discount from the total ticket price for the trip Chisinau – Bucharest or return at 10:00 and 20:00 following conditions:
  • The traveler collects on the first ticket received 5 (five) stamps (1 stamp = 1 trip) and presents the ticket with 5 (five) stamp to the driver or company’s staff when boarding the transport unit, also making a preliminary reservation by phone to the company’s contact numbers or online on Alverstur.MD mentioning in the booking that he has the “6th trip” ticket with all 5 stamps.
  • In order to benefit from 1 (one) stamp applied on the travel promotion ticket, the traveler will travel by Chisinau – Bucharest or return at 10:00 and 20:00.
  • When the “6th trip” takes place, the 5-stamp ticket will be withdrawn by the driver or the company’s staff when boarding the transport unit. The traveler in the given case has not received another ticket or stamps on other tickets owned. The next ticket will be received on a subsequent trip after the “6th trip”.
  • Promotional tickets or stamps from other routes on the Alverstur ticket are not valid and will not be counted. It will not be taken into account when the traveler presents to the driver or the company’s staff a few cards with stamps together summing up 5 stamps.
  • Tickets are transmissible.
  • If the driver or staff at the boarding station does not have the stamp for application on the travel ticket, the race data and the signature of the driver or company staff will be written.
  • No other ticket is issued in exchange for the damaged or lost one. Stamps for the routes where the traveler did not have the promotional ticket will not be placed. There will be no more tickets for a passenger on the same day or no more stamps will be applied in one route.
  • Promotional ticket stamps will only be applied to boarding or driving breaks. If the race will take place with two or more drivers – one of them will go through the salon of the transport unit and apply the stamp on the ticket or divide your promotional tickets to travelers who do not have them.
  • The driver’s attention must be focused directly on the route and the safety of the passengers and he will not be held liable if the stamp has not been applied to the ticket for some unforeseen reasons.
  • Tickets are issued within the available stock limit.
  • The promotion is valid until 31.12.2021.